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Honda CBR250R Blue Windshield 10-13

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As the industry leader in Injection Moulded ABS Plastic, Motorcycle Fairings, when you buy from Monster Fairings, you know exactly what your getting.We use only the very best ABS plastic and the most precise Injection Moulding Machines that produce only the very best fairings that result in a guaranteed fantastic fit.

We use the exact same process to produce our Motorcycle Fairings as the OEM fairing producers. We use an extremely precise injection moulding machine that allows us to create fairing parts with a remarkably durable compound of ABS plastic that is almost identical to the compound used to create the OEM fairings. All our moulds ensure that the fittings and the fairings come as one, so there is no hand drilling or moulding of the fairings to ensue a precise build each and every time.

We apply heat shield liberally to every single side fairing part that we produce, this is to ensue maximum durability of the fairing parts and to protect the kit from the heat that is emitted from the engine of the bike, which can be known to weaken the structural integrity of the kit and sometimes even melt the kit.

We engage in a 7 stage precision paint process for all of our fairing kits, firstly the under coats, then the base colours, followed by the main colours, followed by the additional detail work and then the clear coating process. We apply at least 3 layers of clear coat to ensue that our parts are extremely glossy and shiny and are protected for time to come. We have an extremely sophisticated UV protection process which will protect your kit from the affects of sun light and fading of colours. Our process also protected your parts from harmful chemicals such as fuel and oil.

Once you order from Monster Fairings, you can expect your fairing kit to be ready in around 7 days, this allows us time to produce your fairing kit and apply your required design, it also allows us for drying time for the clear coat to seal the paint job. Once the kit is ready and has passed the quality control stations your kit will be sent to be photographed by our team. Photos of your kit will then be sent to you to ensue that you are 100% happy with the design that has been produced.

Once you have confirmed the design of your fairing kit and you are happy, your kit will be packed up into one of our wooden framed ‘Monster Fairings’ boxes, filled with excessive amounts of protective foam and wrapping to ensure ultimate protection, and will be sent on its way to your desired delivery address.

At Monster Fairings we have the ability to make custom fairing kits, if you have found a kit that you like elsewhere on the website that isn’t listed under your make and model of motorcycle, then simply just email us the design that you would like and we will create it for you, on your model of motorcycle. Or even if you have found a kit elsewhere on the internet or have a photo from an event, send it over and we will make it for you. Its really that easy. If you require some alterations just add that into the email and we will be happy to help discuss with you exactly what your looking for.


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Honda CBR250R Blue Windshield 10-13

Honda CBR250R Blue Windshield 10-13

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