Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if the Fairing kit design I want isn't listed in the model I have, but is in another?

The great thing about MonsterFairings is that we are able to create any fairing kit that you require, so if you find a fairing kit on our site that you really like but it isnt listed in the model of the bike that you have then we are able to help you. If you buy the model of fairing kit that you have, and purchase it though the site but add the URL of the other design that you require in the notes section then we will be able to make that fairing kit for you.

If you find the fairing kit design that you want but it has a slight colour change then when ordering just leave a comment in the notes box when ordering to change the colcour to your requirements, for instance if you find a CBR600RR 04-05 repsol fairing kit but you want the repsol lettering in black then just add it to the notes box and we will be able to process your order.

Sometimes we even get customers email us about designs that they have found on other websites but they want to order from us due to our high quality fairings. If you find your self in this position then just send us an email and we will be able to help you out.

If you are unsure about this then just send us an email and we will be able to assist you further.

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2. How long will it take to get my new set of Motorcycle Fairings?

Once you have placed an order on MonsterFairings we will process it straight to out factory, our factory will then determine as to whether we have that particular model in stock or no. If not it can take from 7-14 working days to create your selected fairing from scratch in the factory. Once the Fairing Kit is made it will be then painted to the exact specification and prepared for shipment. Once ready for shipment the Fairings will be picked up from the factory and taken to the nearest airport to be shipped straight to your door. So up to 10 days being created in the factory and a further 7 days for shipping so overall it should be around 16-20 days before you receive your selected kit.

To see more information regarding shipping information please click here.

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3. Do you offer any guarantee on the Fairing Kits?

The most important thing to us is that you are happy with the services and products that we have provided for you. If you do not like the fairing design that you have selected for any reason then you can send it back for a full and complete refund as long as the Motorcycle Fairings have not be fitted to a bike and are in the original state that they were first shipped in. If there are any problems with any of the parts then we will replace them for you but this is very rare and has never happened to us. We want to stand strong by our 100% grantee and satisfactory rate. But if you are going to return a Fairing Kit then we will need to see proof in the form of a photo send to our email address.

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4. Why does the kit say 18 pieces when i can only see 16 in the picture?

Sometimes in the pictures that are taken of the Fairings we leave some of the smaller parts out so that the picture looks much more neat a tidy. But if we say that we are going to ship you 18 parts then let us assure you, you will receive all of those pieces.

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5. What kind of material do you use of the Motorcycle Fairings?

All of our Fairing Kits are injection moulded meaning that they are precisely made to fit your bike ensuring that they will fit you bike like a glove. All of our Fairings are shipped pre drilled and inspected ensuring that they are of an appropriate standard. We use the highest grade of Abs-Plastic in our Fairing Kits to make sure that they are of the highest quality available. They will be direct replacements of your old OEM Fairings, hence why we say that they are OEM replacement Fairings.

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6. Will the colours of the Fairings match my old ones?

We can not guarantee you a 100% match on the colour of your old Fairings because every manufacturer used different blend of materials. But usually they are extremely close. And the least close they will be is 95%. We highly recommend that you buy a full kit from us so that each and every part matches and fits perfectly and there are not differences in the panel colours.

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7. Do you provide and hardware with the kits?

We do not provide any hardware with any of our Fairing Kits, You will need to use your original bolts, screws and fasteners when you are installing your new Fairings on your bike. If you have lost them and are no longer in possession of these parts then check out some of our affiliates.

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8. Can we provide unpainted or custom designs?

Sure, we can provide unpainted fairings kits of any of the models that are featuring on MonsterFairings. Please just drop us an email and we will advise you on how to order one. One of our specialities is Custom Fairings, once you have ordered a custom Motorcycle Fairing kit from us all you need to do is send us an email at and we will get your fairings on their way ASAP, but please be sure to include your order ID in the email.

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9. Whats the difference between Injection Moulding and Compression Moulding?

There is rather a lot of difference between the two really. From past experience with Motorcycle Fairings Compression Moulded Fairings have been flimsy and inaccurate on the fittings and just not of a very good quality. So we only stock Injection moulded Fairings as the Abs-Plastic is injected into the mould and much more accurate rather than being smashed into place by compression.

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10. Will I have to pay duty on my Fairing Kit when it arrives?

Yes, you will have to pay duty on your Fairing kits when it arrives. But more often than not this is not the case and the Fairing Kits tend to slip through the system undetected and duty's and tax is not required.

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11. What happens if I can't contact you by phone?

If you can't contact us by the phone for any reason then please drop us and email and we will aim to respond with a couple of hours, our usual respond time is within the hour depending on how busy we are.

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