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Welcome to MonsterFairings.com! We are the Number 1 Motorcycle Fairing and Parts Specialist!

What we do!

At Monster Fairings we specialise in all kinds of Motorcycle Fairings. For years now Monster Fairings has been retailing Motorcycle Fairings all over the world to thousands of happy customers.  We are an industry leader in producing and manufacturing the highest quality of OEM replacement fairings and bodywork. You can be assured to trust us when it comes to providing the most high quality products with the very best of customer service. Whether you want to completely replace the fairing kit on your honda cbr600rr or just replace the seat cowl on your Kawasaki Ninja we have everything covered here, and you can be assured to get the very best products.  

Who we are!

Monster Fairings has been recognised for providing the highest quality OEM grade Fairing Kits and products. Our Fairing Kits are made from the very same high quality Abs-Plastic as your original OEM Fairing Kit. We absolutely pride ourselves on being able to provide not only the best products but the very best in customer service allowing you to have complete piece of mind when ordering from Monster Fairings.

We offer the latest Fairings in the following brands and manufacturers - Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Ducati. We have one of the largest selections of Fairing Kits and in the industry and are proud to provide this highest quality selection. 

How our kits are produced!

Our Manufacturing processes have been know to be one of the most complex in the industry. We only use the very best virgin Abs-plastic allowing us to provide OEM quality products with the same thickness and durability as your old OEM Fairings. Each and every one of our Motorcycle Fairings are injection moulded ensuring that that are precise and will fit your bike. All Motorcycle Fairings are delivered pre drilled allowing you to attach them to your bike the moment they slip through your door (although we do advise customers to see help from their local garage for fitting). Before the Fairings even leave our factory they go through rigours quality control steps ensuring that they are of a high quality. Our process is overseen by our highly trained team of professionals and operators who know exactly what to look for when spotting imperfections and problems. 

All Motorcycle Fairings that are sent standard Free Shipping will be sent via EMS delivery and usually take around a week and a half to arrive maybe a few days longer depending on other factors. 

How your kit will arrive!

Most Fairing Kits weigh around 12kg and are packed tightly in a well protected cardboard box. Each and every individual part will be packed snug using foam and other materials to ensure full protection of the Fairing Kit. We are able to ship all over the world. The majority of our customers are in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Europe. 

All Motorcycle Fairing kits will receive free heat shield protection, and a free seat cowl !

Thanks for visiting MonsterFairings.com and our Fairing Kits - We appreciate your interest. 



Below you can see the 7 stage painting process that each and ever fairing kit piece goest through before its sent out to the customer. And to finish off with at least 3 layers of clear coat are added to the part for added protection to ensure that there is not running of the paint colour and for added protection against chips and scratches. 


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