Looking for a set of Custom Fairings? you're in the right place. We have worked with many motorcyclists over the years in creating some truly awesome custom fairing kits. If you know the design that you want then please email us at the email below with your requirements and we will make your dream fairing kit a reality. If you don't know what your looking for but have some idea of possible schemes and colours that you would like to work with then please send us an email with some inspirational photos of the designs that you like and what you would like to bring together and we can work together to come up with something amazing.

If you are simply looking for another standard kit that doesn't feature on our website but features elsewhere on the internet such as another fairing kit website then please also send that over and we can have that made for you.

The costs of both of the services above is a small additional custom charge of $45 which covers all custom alterations that you require.


Custom Fairings

Custom fairings
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