Please allow up to 7-12 days before shipment of your Fairing Kit as it may take up to a week and a half to process your order and make your Fairing Kit as we do not hold every single Fairing Kit in stock so they have to be made in our factory. Once your Fairing Kit has been made and packaged and ready for shipment it will be send unless specified otherwise. You will be given a tracking id number for your order which will be trackable from the shipping tracking website.

How long does the actual shipping take?

Shipping usually takes from 5 -14 days but most often around the 5 day time zone but please don't rely on your fairing kit arriving in 5 days as some times it can take longer due to weather conditions or other factors that are unknown to us. Kits are usually shipped using EMS shipping Services.

We offer UPS or DHL shipping for an extra fee. Packages being shipped by DHL or UPS will usually take 3-6 days depending on the service that you select.



1. does not add any taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges. Buyers pay what they see on the order screen, i.e. goods subtotal + shipping cost.

2. In most countries, you have to pay taxes or duties on imported goods. Sometimes goods under a certain value, or in certain categories, do not incur taxes.

3. The rules are different in every country. Unfortunately, we do not know all the rules, regulations, customs, traditions, practices, loopholes, schemes, paperwork, codes, laws or rulings of every single country.

4.Normally, shipping service partners include FedEx, UPS, TNT and DHL will pay the corresponding tax/ import duties for the buyer in advance and post you a tax bill later than the date of the product receipt. Please follow the shipping company's instructions to pay back the tax.

5.Products that are purchased and ordered to the United Kingdom and many surrounding countries in Europe will in most circumstances not require Tax to be paid on the products. But this is not a 100% guarantee and Tax may be require to be paid.

The following Postal Services will be used for each coutry destination.

USA - United States Postal Service

Canada - Canadian Post

UK - Royal Mail / Postal Force

Australia - Australian Post 

All other destinations will be serviced by their major shipping carrier.

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