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Ducati Fairings - Our Ducati Fairings are of the highest grade of abs plastic possible. We ensure each and every Fairing Kit is pre drilled for precision fitment on your Ducati Bike. Our Fairings come with heat protection fitment to ensure longer lasting fairings that will make your bike look awesome. And thats why we are the number 1 fairings retailer. At Monster Fairings we really do have all of your Ducati Fairing needs catered for, each and every fairing kit that is produced by our manufacturing plant goest through some extremely important stages to ensure that they are the very best fairings we are able to produce. Once your oder is received by our processing team we carefully deliver and administer our specially made blend of ABS-Plastic to our injection moulding machines. Then they get to work for a couple of hours creating your specially crafted Ducati Fairing. With each and every fairing kit we add at last 3 layers of paint to ensure that your kit is going to last that little bit longer, also this means that your kit is going to look incredible, just incredible. At Monster Fairings we have to largest fairing kit collection available on the internet. Also with our kits we offer free heat shield protection meaning that your kit is going to last that little bit longer and not be affected by the heat emitted by your bike that could potentially melt your kit or deform it. We also send a free seat cowl with every purchase so that your bike can look 100% complete on the road. And now you know exactly where to come when looking for your next set of motorcycle fairing, come straight to Monster Fairings. And thats why we are the number 1 fairing retailer on the internet.





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