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Yamaha Fairings - At Monster Fairings we are able to create the very best Yamaha OEM replacement Fairings available. We use the very highest grade of Abs Plastic exactly like your old OEM Fairings. Our manufacturing process has been professionally engineered to ensure every kit is precisely injection moulded and pre drilled to provide 100% fitment. Thats why we are the world leaders in Motorcycle Fairings production. When you purchase from Monster Fairings you really can buy with confidence, we are able to retail some of the very best aftermarket fairings that are available on the internet and therefore in the world. Our kits are precision injection moulded by our precise moulds crafted by our executive team. With each and every fairing kit that we send to our customer we don't only add three laters of high gloss and quality paint but we add a free heat protection shield to protect your bike from the heat from your bike. But not only that we send a free seat cowl yes thats right a free seat cowl meaning that your fairing kit will be 100% complete and you can look as awesome as you need to. At Monster Fairings we are able to produce fairing that you and we know are just going to look awesome. At our factory we have over 50 trained staff that are precision trained in producing not only Yamaha Fairings but all of the fairings available on the spectrum. We are the overall aftermarket specialist, and thats why Monster Fairings is the Number 1 fairings retailer in the world and available on the internet. When you order from Monster Fairings it takes on average around a week, 7 days to create your personal fairing kits as we have to manufacturer every kit that is ordered on the site. And delivery usually takes around another week depending on where about's in the world you are located.





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