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Suzuki Fairings - Our Suzuki Fairings are made from the very highest grade of Abs Plastic available. We ensure that each and every kit is Pre Drilled for precision fitment and professionally injection moulded to ensure 100% fitment on your bike. Our Suzuki Fairings have been professionally engineered to be of the very highest standard that we could possibly produce. Thats why we are the Number 1 Fairings retailer. At our factory we hire and train each and every individual that will ever touch your new fairing kit. Because we use a special blend of ABS this means that your kit is now extra shock resistant and will last longer and be more durable. We add at least 3 layers of paint to each fairing kit ensuring that its going to be longer lasting. Because our fairing kits are made through the process of injection moulding using the precision moulds that we have developed at our factory you know that you are going to be getting a precise kit thats going to fit your bike perfectly. At Monster Fairings we fit every kit with a heat protection shield to that your kit is protected against the heat in which is emitted by the engine of your motorcycle. Also this means that your kit is going to be extra longer lasting where as cheaper kits would just melt and deform under the intense heat that emitted. So now you know that when every your looking for your next set of Suzuki Fairings that you know exactly where to look as we have the widest and the very best selection on the internet. And thats why Monster Fairings is the very best Motorcycle Fairings retailer on the internet, were number 1 for customer service, number one for our quality and number one for selection.





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Showing 1 - 12 of 616 items

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