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Honda Fairings - Our Honda Fairings have been professionally engineered to be the very best Motorcycle Fairings that we could possibly produce. When it comes to looking for new fairings for your bike its always a struggle and especially for such an awesome bike such as the Honda CBR 600 RR, these bikes are built for speed and they need to look great to stand up to the reputation that has been set for the past 50 years. With a hint of elegance and a bucket load of style these bikes aren't for the fainthearted, and with our kits made from the highest grade of Abs Plastic matching that of your original OEM Fairings. Pre Drilled for precise fitment and injection moulded for 100% exact fitment our Fairings are the very best available. Thats why we are the Number 1 Motorcycle Fairings retailer. When looking for new honda fairings for your motorcycle we know that there are so many different places all over the internet trying to sell you the best fairings in the world. So we have made monster fairings a place that you can come to shop with confidence, when you shop with us you can know that you are going to get what you really want and that once your new fairings are fitted your bike is just going to look simply awesome, and with our extensive collection of fairings you really are going to have the best choice on the internet with other 1500 different designs and combinations available on our website. If you require small differences or even big ones on the design that you want such as changing half of the colour of the kit then just get in touch, if you order from us just add your requirements in the notes box and well make sure that your kits get made the way that you want them to. Each and every kit that is made at our factory is applied with at least 3 layers of paint ensuring that your kits are going to last longer that ever, and with our precise injection moulding techniques you know that their just going to fit great on your bike. Although we do recommend that you get your new kit fitted by your local authorized bike garage.





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